Create a single add-on for multiple products

This is useful if you want to add an add-on to only a certain products from your catalog.

  • Step 1: Browse to Product Pages and click on first "Pick Addon" button, under "Create Multiple"
  • Step 2: you will get message informing to first select the product that you want to display as an Add-on
  • Step 3: Click on "Select Add-on" button and it will show the product picker where you will pick a product that needs to be displayed as an Add-on, This will only allow you to select single product as an add-on, Search for the product or scroll to the item and select it by checking the checkbox

Step 4: You will get a message informing to select multiple products next.

  • Step 5: Same Product picker from Step 3 will appear again and this item it will allow you to pick multiple products, select all the products for which you want the add-on selected in Step 3 to appear and click on add.
  • Once the Addon is added to all products, you will get a confirmation message
  • In order to View the Add-Ons that were created, go to Product Pages and Click on "Create or Update" button and your add-ons will appear in the list.