'Available with the main product only' feature (product page feature only)

This function allows you to link an add-on to the main product, so that a customer won't be able to order the add-on separately from the main product – for example, a specific frame linked to a picture. If the main product is removed from the cart, the linked add-on will be removed automatically

To set up the "Available with the main product only" feature, click on the gear icon on the "Product Add-Ons" tab and select these options below

Popup Product Add-Ons

The "Show available with the main product text" option will automatically add the following text to the linked add-ons referring to the main product:

The "Available with the main product only" feature does not hide the linked product from your store completely. It will still be available for purchase from your catalog. Here is how to hide it from the store so it will be available as a linked add-on only:

  • Create an add-on collection and assign the add-on to that collection

  • Prevent that collection from listing anywhere on the front-end store menu